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s a r a h   j o s e p h      CONTEMPORARY Fine Artist

I invariably use the human figure to tell my story and to express significant elements of my culture. The works speak of a collective spirituality and resonate with an innate "Caribbeaness".

Painting for me is an elemental compulsion; one that enables me to uncover deep-seated emotions that I couldn’t otherwise express. Contrastingly, it allows me to become lost in a wondrous universe where a mountain range can morph into a reclining figure and moko-jumbies (stilt-walkers) can dance in banana leaf trousers.

With each painting I continue to explore techniques in acrylic on canvas, bringing in actual texture at times to augment the organic motifs that I play with, manipulating background and foreground to build visual tension.


I hope that my audience will experience something unexpected on viewing my work. Perhaps they would recognise a familiar part of themselves illustrated in a new way, or just a whimsical combination of colour, form and texture that will inexplicably move them. 

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